When a firm commitment can be made to place your child in St. Margaret’s Montessori, we ask that you fill out an application form, pay a $100 non-refundable administration fee ($50 for subsequent children), and make a commitment regarding a starting date.

Public Health and Ministry regulations require that you complete a medical form. Note that it is especially important that the dates of all immunization shots be recorded, health card number, physicians name, address and phone number.

We offer no allowance for sick or vacation leave. Our financial survival depends on optimum enrollment at all times.

Withdrawal Policy

FOUR WEEKS written notice is required for withdrawal of a child. You are responsible for the fees for this four-week period.

Discharge Policy

The centre’s staff will make every effort to meet the individual needs of each child enrolled in the program. There may be situations, however, where we may not be able to meet these needs. The parent(s) will be kept informed of all efforts and areas of concern through formal and informal discussions with teachers and School Director. All meetings with parents will be well documented. The Board reserves the right to withdraw services for any of, but not limited to the following reasons: Lack of payment of fees, Conduct that is injurious to the physical emotional or intellectual well-being of others in the centre, Lack of compliance with the parental/guardian responsibilities outlined in the policies of the centre, Behavior that creates a potential safety hazard to children and staff, Verbal abuse, harassment, or threatening of children/staff, inability of the centre’s program and staff to meet the child’s individual needs and Individual needs of a specific child that interferes with those of other children or puts others at risk. In the event the board withdraws a child from the centre due to the above circumstances, a children’s services consultant will be notified if applicable.

Fees are paid by post-dated cheques written in six months series (January – May and September – December) and dated the first banking day of the month. Returned cheques must be replaced immediately. A charge of $10.00 is levied to cover bank charges and administrative costs. Summer Program may be available depending on interest.


The 2020/21 fees for September to June (inclusive) are as follows:

5 Half Day Mornings (8am to 12pm)

5 Half Day Afternoons (1pm to 5pm)

5 Half Day Mornings (9am to 1pm) with Drop off for Afternoon Kindergarten/Nursery School (Please note there are a maximum of 10 spots available)
$400 + $40 = $440/month

5 Half Day Afternoons (11:30am to 5:00pm) with Pick Up for Morning Kindergarten/Nursery School (Please note there are a maximum of 10 spots available)
$400 + $40 = $440/month

5 Full Days (8am to 5pm)*

* Parents wishing to enroll their children in both morning and afternoon sessions, must make other child care arrangements for the lunch hour from 12pm to 1pm.

Snack & Supply Fees

$100 Annual Supply/Snack Fee (per child/year)
$100 Supply Fee (per child/year)

Hours of Operation

St. Margaret’s Montessori is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Late fees will apply after the closing time. The cost is $1.00 per minute. This money will be payable to the teacher staying late with your child. Please make every effort to arrive on time. The centre is open year-round. It is closed for the following holidays:

Please note: If the scheduled holiday falls on a weekend St. Margaret’s Montessori will be closed the next school day following the holiday.

If you plan on keeping your child home for the day, or to be late, please let the centre know. We are very concerned when children are absent for any reason.